Posted by: patoconnor | February 13, 2012

The Genetics of Lymphedema

When I originally became active in online groups, blogs and websites, there were only two genes identified as being involved with causing hereditary lymphedema.

Now, eight specific genes have been identified as causing several  hereditary lymphedema syndromes and associated syndromes with lymphatic malformations.

At our main website Lymphedema People, we have complete information pages on each one:

Lymphedema Gene CCBE1

Lymphedema Gene FLT4

Lymphedema Gene FOXC2

Lymphedema Gene GATA2

Lymphedema Gene GJC2

Lymphedema Gene KIF11

Lymphedema Gene SOX18

Lymphedema Gene VEGFC


Hereditary Lymphedema

Lymphedema Genetics


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