Posted by: patoconnor | October 29, 2008

Lymphnode Stimulation Front and Back Illustrated

Lymphnode Stimulation Front and Back Illustrated





  1. i am pleased at seeing the pictures of manual lymphatic drainage. i think ALL people after breast cancer treatment ( which i had ), should be taught this pre op, or straight after. i also think they should be asked ” how does your arm FEEL out of 10; not just measure and the physio to assess you. it is our bodies and we may notice things earlier. we should be listened to and not feel dismissed.
    there are various DEGREES of lymhpoedema, BUT even a SMALL problem can progress to a bigger problem. so EARLY intervention is BEST. teach the patient/ client to SELF MANAGE as much as possible, as early as possible. educate, and give emotional support.

    WELL DONE on showing the drawings!

    i think they are very useful for people to see.

    i hope to see a standard set of helpful information across australia; including self massage, laser, looking at work and lifestyles. it took me also many years to get enough information from ” professionals.”

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