Posted by: patoconnor | October 29, 2008

Five Generations of Milroy’s Disease

Five Generations of Milroy’s Syndrome – Lymphedema

Five Generations of Milroy’s Disease (Milroy’s Syndrome)

maternal grandmother (1881-1963)generation one
lymphedema of left leg had 9 children without further complications of the lymphedema
as far as we know, she was the only one in her generation

mother (1927 – ) – generation two
mild lymphedema in both feet and ankles
5 children with no further lymphedema complications
temporary increase during pregnancy only

one of her generation with lymphedema

my generation (Pat) – generation three
from birth experience bilateral leg lymphedema
mild lymphedema of right hand starting as a teenager
mild/moderate lymphedema of left arm starting in 2003
one cousin with lymphedema, started in his late fifties
there are about 20 of us in my generation, my sister also has lymphedema of the left leg.

my children’s generation – generation four
don’t know how many there are – too many to keep track of
only one person shows lymphedema though
my two children show no signs of any lymphatic disorder

our children’s children
don’t know exact count – we are prolific
no lymphedema present in anyone

Conclusion:While it is possible to pass on the lymphedema gene, it does not automatically mean that offspring will exhibit or present with active lymphedema. In our family as the generations continue, it seems the lymphedema gene gets pushed further and further in recession.

For further info on lymphedema and genetics, I urge people to go to the University of Pittsburg sites below: Lymphedema Family Study





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